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Donation Guidelines

Donation Hours:
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, 10am-2pm

On occasion, we may close for donations based on volume. We encourage you to call ahead!

We ask all our donors to review the following guidelines before bringing their items.

Before Donating, Ask Yourself:

Why am I getting rid of this item?

If it no longer fits but has a lot of life left in it, was a gift that wasn't your style, or your tastes or decor have changed - these are all great reasons to bring them to The Corner!


Would I pay for this item?

If the answer is yes, bring it to The Corner!

Would I give this item as a gift?

If so, come on down to The Corner!

Prepare to Donate

Please help us in the following ways:

  • Review your items to make sure they meet our donation guidelines.

  • Clean your items.

  • When possible, please bring your items in closed bags or closed boxes.

Pro Tips for Preparing Donations:

Though not required, these touches help facilitate our process, getting your items into the hands of those who need them more quickly!

  • Think seasonally! Donate items at the start of the season rather than at the end so we can sell them, not store them.

  • Group like items together; e.g., avoid putting decor in a bag with clothes.

Bring It In! What to Expect:

Because relationships matter to us at The Corner, we want to meet you and thank you for supporting our mission!

Therefore, when you arrive with a donation, one of our volunteers will greet you, check you in, then we will help carry in your items.

Please do not leave items outside the store or in the entryway.

For the safety of our staff and to preserve the quality of our goods, any items left outside or those not checked in by one of our volunteers will automatically be discarded.

What to Bring

The Corner accepts a wide variety of items in good condition, including, but not limited to:

  • Clothes

  • Kitchen items

  • Books, movies, & music

  • Games & toys

  • Sporting goods

  • Household items & decor

  • When in doubt, ask!

Please Do NOT Bring

To uphold the standards of our store, and to protect our customers and volunteers, we are unable to accept:

  • Mattresses, box springs, & bed frames

  • Baby cribs, car seats, & recalled infant items

  • Liquids or chemicals, such as:

    • Household cleaners​

    • Shampoos & soaps

    • Perfumes

  • Large appliances

  • Televisions & VCRs

  • Computers

  • Cell Phones

  • Printers

  • Entertainment centers

  • Pianos/organs

  • Weapons

We do not accept items in the following conditions:

  • Dirty

  • Broken

  • Not working

  • Smelly

  • Stained

  • Sticky

  • Torn

  • Wet

Items that do not meet our donation criteria may be refused.

Special Donations Requiring an Appointment

Furniture and large quantity donations (including estate sales and garage or rummage sales) require an appointment.

Because we're a small operation, we need to make sure we have room for your items! We wouldn't want you to bring your large donation to us, only to discover that we are unable to receive it.

Please call 331-227-3732 for an appointment.

Can I bring what's left over after my sale?


If you are bringing quality items that did not sell at your estate, rummage, or garage sale:

  • Schedule an appointment if you have a large quantity​.

  • Remove all price tags prior to donating.

  • All items must meet our donation criteria in order for us to accept them.

Thank you for reviewing our donation guidelines! We appreciate you and your support. See you at The Corner!

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